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South Florida's Metal Building Specialists Since 1997

CMBSC is well versed in the details and erection standards of all the major metal building fabricators as well as many regional suppliers. We work very hard to ensure that we are the number one preferred erector for local builders representing ABC, Butler Mfg, Ceco, Metallic, Rigid, Star Buildings, Varco Pruden and more.

CMBSC supplies quality components and building systems from Star Building Systems, based in Oklahoma City. Star Building Systems is a fully accredited fabricator and supplier of quality metal buildings with South Florida approvals.

Safe And Sure

CMBSC has pioneered systems based erection techniques, dramatically lowering the risk factor through preassembly and carefully orchestrated crane lift sequences. A typical project is 2/3 assembled on the ground before the first crewman ascends to risky heights. When working at height, only competent MBCI certified and trained personnel, using the latest fall protection equipment, are employed to safely complete the work.

Our experienced crewmen, utilizing the most innovative safety equipment, have earned us a proud record for safe, quality erection practices, timely schedule, and quality workmanship.

We aim to be your preferred supplier and/or installer for all your metal building needs, including:
  • Metal Roofing
  • Custom Accessories
  • Hangar Doors
  • Expansion and Renovation/Repair
  • Hurricane Reinforcement
  • Expert Industry Consultation
See us work
  • Front view of airside opening with crew vehicles.
    Marathon Mosquito Hangar
  • Interior view of project with roof and walls in progress.
    Norris Furniture
  • Connectors in basket at haunch.
    Okeechobee Equestrian Center
  • View up at roof in progress
    Inlet Harbor Marina
  • How we did pre assembly 1990(ish).
  • Steel Erection in progress.
    Inlet Harbor Marina
  • Typical hangar view inside.
    Underside Roof
  • Steel erection in progress.
    Inlet Harbor Marina
  • Lifting pivot up roof grids.
    Osceola Sugar Warehouse
  • 1964 Pettibone on jobsite 1999,
    The old Bone
  • Men in basket at peak of 200 clear over scrap processing facility.
    Ferrous Processing
  • Erecting 90' eave PEMB over existing boiler equipment.
    Osceola Boiler 7
  • Lifting grid, one half of 200' clearspan.
    Ferrous Processing
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CMBSC Is IAS Certified compliant with AC478

AC478 is comprised of standards of operation developed to ensure that an accredited assembler is adhering to the accepted best practices in the industry.

The program is developed, with IAS, by the MBI with input from assemblers and industry professionals nationwide through the MCEA.

Accreditation applicants are vetted and inspected, by IAS, to ensure they meet the standards set. Yearly inspections confirm that these organizations continue to adhere to these practices and policies.

To learn more about AC478 visit the IAS website.

CMBSC is an authorized Star Buildings dealer.

See more about Star Buildings.

Metal Buildings Institute is a non profit association dedicated to improving the quality of in place metal building construction by providing education and training programs to metal building contractors, erectors, and students in construction programs.
CMBSC uses the Quality and Craftsman Series testing from Metal Buildings Institute to qualify tradesman to work on metal buildings.

See more about MBI.

The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association is dedicated to the support of the professional advancement of metal building contractors, erectors and the industry as a whole.
Member of MBCEA since 2005. Founding board member of the Southeast Chapter.

See more about MBCEA.

Commercial Metal Building Services Corp is a fully qualified, licensed General Contractor in The State of Florida. While our primary focus is on our expertise in erection, we can and do offer turn key construction locally on straight forward metal building projects.

Check our history at Fl Department of Professional Business Regulation (DPBR) website.