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CMBSC Employment Policies

CMBSC Offers full time associate benefits including, paid holidays, paid vacation time, health insurance and performance bonuses.

All CMBSC tradesmen are expected to continue accruing education hours in pursuit of maximum competence as well as awareness of construction safety standards. Some of the programs we use include, but are not limited to, OSHA10, OSHA30, MBI Craftsman, Fall Protection Training, CPR, First Aid, Aerial Platforms, Forklifts, Crane Hoisting, Rigging, and Crane Signals.

CMBSC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We endeavor to be in compliance with all current Federal and State employment laws, as well as local ordinances. All potential employees are screened for eligibility according to current laws. Please do not apply for employment if you are not so eligible, if you are not willing to comply with company policies or if you cannot pass our Drug-Free Workplace screening.

CMBSC engages a third party MRO to administer its Drug Free Workplace program in compliance with Florida State Statutes. Associates are subject to random drug testing and testing on suspicion as well as testing in the event of an incident where applicable and within the boundaries of law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of experience is needed?

Basic construction project safety practices and experience with all types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are essential on all construction projects.

CMBSC is primarily a pre-engineered metal building erecting operation. Our most valued associates have experience in all facets of the metal building erection process, specifically:

  • Materials handling (forklift and crane operations)
  • Steel Erection
  • Secondary Framing
  • Metal Wall Sheeting (Numerous Mfr. and Types)
  • Metal Roof Sheeting (Numerous Mfr. and Types)
  • Trims and Flashings Installation (Numerous Mfr. and Types)
  • Accessories Installation (Doors, Windows, Louvers, Roof Curbs, Skylights, Access Ladders, Stairs, Railings, etc.)
  • Insulation (Blanket, Batt, Layered, IMP, Retro, Facing, etc.)
  • Hangar Doors and Related Hardware

Additionally, many projects include unique challenges and the list is ever growing.

A good metal building erector must have experience with all types of power tools and equipment and the ability to perform a varied array of tasks safely.

I'm an ironworker, doesn't that qualify me?

Skilled ironworkers should have a good base of knowledge and experience required for one, very important, element of the work involved in metal building erection.

A typical project for us might involve only a few days of steel erection and months of all the other related work to complete the project.

Experienced ironworkers generally can hit the ground running without metal building experience but must have a willingness to learn additional skills and be open to many other additional task assignments.

What about welders?

Very little welding is involved in our typical projects. There are times when we need welders, but rarely can we provide full time work for welders without additional skills.

And metal roofers?

Metal roofing, wall sheeting and trim is the visible face of our product. The install quality and appearance of this work will determine the success or failure of every project.

Skilled metal roofers and true sheet metal craftsmen are highly valued and crucial to the success of our team.

Please submit your application and schedule an interview ASAP.

Is training provided?

Training is a never ending and continuous process at CMBSC.

We employ significant onboarding and training efforts to be sure we are setting new associates up for success.

While we generally seek and prefer experienced metal building erectors for new hire, we are always looking to identify inexperienced persons with the proper attitude, ability and aptitude to learn, and the patience to put forth the effort.

What is the rate of pay?

Rate of pay is determined by many factors including, but not limited to:

  • Experience and ability
  • Attitude and work ethic
  • Reliability
  • Teamwork and leadership values

Average, experienced tradesman can anticipate a range of $15 to $20 per hour.

Team and crew leaders pay ranges between $18 to $25 per hour.

Managers and superintendents paid as much as $30 per hour.

A limited number of lesser apprentice and laborer positions may be offered at lower rates than those listed above.

Our standard work week is 48 hours. Overtime (over 40) is time +1/2 pay. Additional overtime is common for those available to work weekends.

What are the standard work hours?

Our standard work day is 7am to 5:30pm Monday thru Thursday (10 hour days) and 7am to 3:30 (8 hours) Friday.

Our average work week is 48 hours, including 8 hours overtime.

Additional overtime is commonly available to those who wish to work weekends.

Is overtime work available?

Our standard work week includes 8 hours overtime. Additional overtime is commonly available for those who wish to work weekends.

Does CMBSC offer healthcare?

We do offer healthcare options. CMBSC pays 1/2 of full time employee coverage.

Where is the work?

CMBSC works primarily in South Florida (Broward, Dade, Palm Beach Counties). Occasional projects are located on the East Coast up to Fort Pierce and down in the Florida Keys.

Our crews are based in South Florida, travel pay and lodging are not part of our standard pay offering.

Less frequently, we will work and stay out of town. These projects will include per diem stipend and lodging. Amounts vary on a job for job basis.

Is cash pay, off the books, an option?

CMBSC abides by all Federal and State regulations for proper wage payment practices including appropriate tax withholding and income reporting. Cash pay is not an option.

Can I work as a subcontractor?

With very few exceptions, we do not employ subcontractors for erection work. All members of our erection crews are full time employees expected to complete appropriate training and continue with ongoing certification achievements.

Is US Citizenship required?

CMBSC does not discriminate against any lawfully eligible worker, however, proof of legal status and eligibility to work in the United States will be required.

Can I beat the drug test?

CMBSC will not hire anyone that cannot pass the pre-employment drug test. Our test is comprised of a 10 panel substance screening and will detect any attempt to alter or tamper with the results. Evidence of tampering or foreign substances found in the specimen will result in failure to pass and ineligible for hire.

Standard work week = 48 hours at $15.00/hr

40 hours x $15

8 hours x $22.5

= $600.00

= $180.00

Average Weekly Pay

= $780.00

Standard work week = 48 hours at $20.00/hr

40 hours x $20

8 hours x $30

= $800.00

= $240.00

Average Weekly Pay

= $1,040.00

Standard work week = 48 hours at $18.00/hr

40 hours x $18

8 hours x $27

= $720.00

= $216.00

Average Weekly Pay

= $936.00

Standard work week = 48 hours at $25.00/hr

40 hours x $25

8 hours x $37.50

= $1,000.00

= $300.00

Average Weekly Pay

= $1,300.00